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Alex Trewyn

Drummer, Percussionist, Recording+Mixing+Live Engineer,

Record Producer&Music Executive


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Alex is a highly skilled drummer and percussionist with over 22 years of experience.

He's honed his craft through formal education at Berklee College of Music and by studying under renowned instructors like Duffy Jackson, Carl Allen, Jim Tucci, Claudio Berardi, Bashaum Stewart, J.P. Bouvet, and several others.

Alex's diverse style has led him to perform and record with countless bands across various genres. He's also a multi-instrumentalist proficient in over 40 different percussion instruments, and he's even an accomplished vocalist, having attended the American Boychoir School and performed at Carnegie Hall.

In addition to his impressive musical talents, Alex is also a seasoned engineer and record producer with just over 18 years of engineering experience. He's produced songs for colleagues, consulted on independent records, and helped to develop new artists' unique sounds.

With his extensive training and diverse musical skills, Alex is a versatile and talented musician who brings passion and precision to every performance. 


                    Mapex Meridian Maple "The Smasher"

                    Toms:    10x7, 12x8, 16x16

                    Snares:  13x6, 14x5.5 (Steel)

                    Kick:       20x20


Cymbals:   (Left to Right)

                   Zildjian ZHT 17" Crash

                   Zildjian ZBT 14" Hats (Custom Lathe)

                   Zildjian K Custom Special Dry 14" Hats (not shown)

                   Dream Bliss 16" Crash

                   Zildjian Trashformer 10"

                   Zildjian K Constantinople Bounce Ride 22"

                   Sabian HHX Manhattan 16" Crash

Heads: Evans      Sticks: Vic Firth     Kick Pedal: Sonor (Single Pedal)

Recording and Performing Gear

List updated accordingly

Setup Undergoing changes.

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