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Recording & Mixing

Alex Trewyn is a resident Producer and Engineer here at 33Records. With a little over 14 years of engineering training and experience and over 19 years of playing music, you can be confident that Alex will do his best to make your project master ready and sound exactly how you want it. Alex was studying at Berklee College of Music from 2015-2017 and up until recently, he has  been working on personal projects and friends' projects but is now offering his services to the world. 

If you would like to hire Alex for your project, you can find his rates below. 

Please email alex with the proper details before purchasing his services. There may be some things that need to be worked on before the mixing process.

Alex Trewyn:

Record Producer

Recording, Mixing, & Live Engineer

(772) 924-4398

Mix Demo -
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  • Prices below include up to 3 sets of revisions.

  • Additional revisions are $25 each.

  • Price also includes up to 3 alternate mixes, such as instrumental, vocal only, and a performance mix as requested.

  • Additional alternate mixes can be made per request for $20 each

  • Pricing assumes that all tracks are sent fully “mix ready”! ( defined below )

  • Any tuning, editing, or clean up of extraneous noises or unwanted audio is done at a rate of $40 per hour.

       Mix ready: Don’t send me projects with multiple takes that need to be comped, with vocals that need tuning, or with tracks that have extra sounds or noises that don’t belong in the song. All those things are part of the production and recording process, and I will send you an email requiring preparation, or, I can charge extra for the time to make your tracks ready for mixing.  You may have some processing and effects on your tracks that you used while recording or for your rough mix. Unless those are an integral part of the sound (such as distortion on a guitar), they need to be turned off! If you have tons of reverb, chorus, and/or delay, on all the tracks you send me I can’t remove those types of effects, and will be extremely limited in what I can do for you

See Stephen Sherrard's article on preparing your project for a professional mix.

       "I really want you to be completely satisfied with the mix you recieve! 


       However, you are the creator, and without proper communication and instruction I may take the song/s in a totally different                  direction than what you had in mind.


       I’m usually pretty good at finding what will work and sound best for a song, and we will work together to get the project to where  you want it without any extra revisions or charges. The key, though, is working together! This means we need to discuss the song in detail first via phone or email. Please provide me with as much direction as you can so that I have a clear view of how you want your mix to sound. Along with the Project files and details, it would be recommended to send reference songs, or, songs that most closely resemble the sound you are looking for."

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