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Tim Trewyn

Record Company President

As President of 33 Records LLC, Timothy C. Trewyn provides the company with general business leadership based on his background in Electric Utility Management and as a founder and principal of Fort Pierce Engineering, Inc.  He is a licensed professional electrical engineer in the States of Florida and California.  He is not without some background in music, having performed in choral music and a rock band in his high school years and while serving in the United States Armed Forces. He retains a strong interest in many styles of music, seeing its value in elevating the human spirit and enriching culture. His electrical engineering background and his work with electro-optical sensors in the United States Air Force gives him insight into audio and video equipment, and his acquaintance with architecture through Fort Pierce Engineering has connected him with professionals in acoustics.  He is committed to developing 33Records into a company that is friendly to artists and adaptive to the continuing innovations in the field of music production, management, and publishing.

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